Ninja® Foodi™ Power Nutri™ Duo® Smoothie Bowl Maker and Personal Blender


Includes One (1) Year Limited Warranty

Product Description

Ninja® Foodi™ Smoothie Bowl Maker and Nutrient Extractor* with smartTORQUE™ blends and powers through the thickest ingredients. One base—multi-functions. Nutrient Extraction* Cup for smooth drinkables (vs. BL480). Smoothie Bowl Maker with built-in tamper powers through with less liquid for thick smoothie bowls. 1200-peak-watts.
Ninja® Foodi™ Power Nutri™ Duo® blender with smartTORQUE™ is designed to power through the thickest ingredients at high speed and never stall. One base with multi-functions. The Power Nutri™ Cup with to-go lid for smoothies and extractions. ThePower Nutri™ Bowl with Power Paddle powers through frozen foods with less liquid for thick smoothie bowls and nut butters. 1200-peak-watt power-dense motor.

  • • The smoothie bowl maker that blends and powers through for spoon-thick smoothie bowls.
  • • smartTORQUE™ is designed to power through heavy loads without stalling or the need to stir or shake.
  • • 14-oz. Smoothie Bowl Maker with built-in tamper powers through frozen foods with less liquid for perfectly thick smoothie bowls, nut butters, and blender ice cream.
  • • (2) 24-oz. Nutrient Extraction* Cups with better breakdown for smoother extractions, smoothies, and frozen drinks (vs. BL480).
  • • 2 preset Auto-iQ® programs for one-touch extractions and bowls.
  • • Powerful 1200-peak-watt power-dense motor.
  • • Easy-to-clean base and blender parts are dishwasher safe.
  • • 2 single-serve blenders in 1—blend in the Nutrient Extraction* Cup and Smoothie Bowl Maker with just 1 base.
  • • Blender cup and bowl are easy to take on the go or store. To-go cups with lids included.
  • • Includes 1200-peak-watt power-dense motor, Hybrid Edge™ Blades, (2) 24-oz. Ninja® Nutrient Extraction* Cups and Spout Lids, 14-oz. Ninja® Foodi® Smoothie Bowl Maker and Storage Lid, and Recipe Inspiration Guide.

BPA FreeYes
Amperage12.5 amps
Product Dimensions (cm)16.99 cm L x 16.99 cm W x 27.41 cm H
Wattage1100 watts
Warranty (years)1
Voltage120 volts
Weight6.39 lbs

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  • 1200 Peak Watt Motor Base in Cloud Silver
  • (2) 24-oz. Nutrient Extraction* Cups & Spout Lid​s *Extract a drink containing vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables.
  • (1) 14-oz. Smoothie Bowl Maker with built-in tamper and Storage Lid
  • Hybrid Edge Blades™ Assembly​
  • (4) Auto-iQ® Programs​: Smoothie, Extract, Bowl, and Spread
  • (2) Manual Programs​: Start/Stop, Pulse​
  • 15 Recipe IG

What's the difference between a smoothie vs. smoothie bowl? Which iQ program should I use with each vessel?
Smoothie bowls are thicker and spoonable, compared to smoothies which are thinner and drinkable.Drinkables: Smoothie (iQ program) + Cup. Extract program is on select models.Spoonables: Bowl (iQ Program) + Power Nutri™ Bowl. Sauce and Spread programs are on select models.Examples of spoonable recipes are hummus, pesto, and nut butters (thick outputs). Examples of drinkable recipes are smoothies, protein drinks, and green drinks.
Are all pieces dishwasher safe?
All pieces (apart from the base) are top-rack dishwasher safe.

Hybrid Edge™ Blades

High-grade stainless steel blades deliver better breakdown of whole fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds for smoother blends (vs. BL480).

4 Auto-iQ® preset programs

Automated programs deliver perfect smoothies, extractions, bowls and spreads at the touch of a button.

Easy to clean

Dishwasher-safe blade, cup, bowl and lids to make cleanup a breeze.

Ninja® Foodi™ Power Nutri™ Duo® Smoothie Bowl Maker and Personal Blender