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Ninja® 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Brewer CE200C


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Ninja® Coffee Brewer is a 12-cup programmable coffee maker with Custom Brew Technology to ensure your coffee is hot, flavorful, and never bitter. From a Small Batch to a full carafe, Classic or Rich strength, you can expect the same great taste. Our removable water reservoir allows for easy filling without the mess. The brew basket lid ensures no coffee grounds end up in the reservoir. Ninja’s Thermal Flavor Extraction® Technology allows you to unlock the full flavor potential of your favorite ground coffee and enjoy a great-tasting brew. With the Ninja® XL Showerhead, rest assured your coffee grounds will be evenly saturated for uniform flavor extraction.

SKU: CE200C ninjakitchen_ca_CE200C
  • With this Ninja® coffee maker, choose from Classic or Rich strengths. Each brew is hot, flavorful, and never bitter with Custom Brew Technology.
  • Conveniently carry the 1.8L removable water reservoir from the coffee brewer to your sink for easy filling
  • Unlock coffee’s full flavour potential with Thermal Flavour Extraction® Technology
  • Keep coffee fresh and flavourful with our Flavour Straw and Precision Temp Warming Plate
  • Pour yourself a cup before a brew is complete with Mid-Brew Pause
  • 24-hour programmable delay brew allows you to prepare your brew up to a day in advance
  • 1 year warranty – click here for more info
Wattage 1100 watts
Amperage 9 amps
Voltage 120 volts
Hertz 60 hertz
Basic Options No Drip Spout, Brew & Pause Functions, Anti-Drip, Non-Drip
Brewing Options Coffee
Carafe Capacity 1.8L
Cord Length 66 cm
Product Length 22 cm
Product Width 24 cm
Product Height 37 cm
Product Weight (gross) 3 kg
  • 12-Cup Glass Carafe
  • Ninja® Integrated Scoop
  • Removable Water Reservoir
  • Paper Filter Kit
    • Check that the carafe is in place with the lid secured. If the carafe is in place, the bottom of the filter holder may be clogged. This can happen with finely ground coffee or too many coffee grounds in the filter holder. Wash brew basket pieces per the Care & Maintenance instructions
    • Medium-grind coffee is recommended.
    • The carafe may not have been empty prior to brewing, or the water level exceeded the Max Fill line on the water reservoir prior to brewing. Reminder, do not add additional water to the reservoir after a brew or cleaning cycle has already started.
    • For Classic brew, the carafe holds 60 fl. oz. To avoid overflows, make sure carafe is empty prior to brewing and the water reservoir is not filled past the 12-Cup Line.
  • A full carafe brew will take approximately 12–15 minutes. If a full carafe brew takes longer than expected, you may need to descale your unit

  • NOTE: The brew will begin, pause, and then continue. This process is used to evenly saturate the coffee grounds.

    • Ensure the unit is powered on and the display is illuminated. If there are no lights, the machine is not getting power. Try a different outlet and press the Power button.
    • Check to make sure there is water in the water reservoir.
    • Make sure the carafe is in place. The brewer will not dispense coffee if the carafe is not in place. If it is not in place, the brew will remain in the brew basket, which could lead to overflow.
    • If the brew still does not start, it may be time to run a clean cycle. Please refer to the Descaling Your Ninja® Coffee Brewer section
  • For milder coffee, try the Classic Brew setting using light-roast grounds and a paper filter rather than the permanent filter. If you want an even milder flavour, you can put fewer grounds in the filter holder.

  • For a stronger coffee, use the Rich Brew setting, try darker-roast grounds, or use the permanent filter rather than a paper filter. If you want an even bolder flavour, you can add more coffee grounds. Additional grounds do absorb water, so you may get more concentrated coffee but overall less liquid volume.

  • When you make hot coffee, the coffee grounds will absorb some of the water that is brewed, resulting in slightly less brewed coffee than amount of water used. The more coffee you use, the more water will be absorbed.

    • The unit is designed to take a #4 cone filter. Be sure you are using this size and shape, as larger sizes may fold over. Allow the filter holder to cool before handling. Be sure the paper filter is folded along its two seams and is pressed firmly into the filter holder. Alternatively, you can wet the sides of the paper filter to temporarily adhere it to the filter holder.
    • If the problem persists, try using the permanent filter instead of a paper filter. NOTE: When using a paper filter, DO NOT use the permanent filter
    • The removable filter holder valve may be clogged. Rinse the filter holder with tap water and press the valve repeatedly until the clog is cleared.
    • Either the permanent filter or a paper filter must be in place when brewing.
    • Using too many grounds can cause the filter holder to overflow. Once cooled, clean out the filter holder and refill using the appropriate amount of coffee (1 scoop per cup).
    • Finely ground coffee can clog the filter holder. For best brewing results, use a medium-grind coffee.
    • If there is sediment at the bottom of the brewed coffee, this may be due to using finely ground coffee in the permanent filter.
    • To reduce the amount of sediment in the brewed coffee, use a slightly coarser grind or use a paper filter.